A snack shop in Kagurazaka, Shinjuku

Kagurazaka, looking for snacks?

While this snack shop is a bit far from Iidabashi Station, Onoya Beef is near to Kagurazaka Station of the underground, Tosai Line.
Some meat shops sell snacks such as croquettes and deep-fried food in Japan. Of course, you can find a meat shop selling snacks in Kagurazaka. Onoya Beef sells a variety of croquettes and deep-fried food as shown below.


The sign says the price of the food. From top to the bottom, a fried beef meat cake is 260 yen(US$2.5) and fried pork meat cake is 180 yen(US$1.7) .  A scotch egg is 350yen (us$3.3). You can take out any of these snacks, if available.
As for the cooking recipe of deep-fried food, please take a look at this page.

The map of Onoya Beef

I bought this big scotch egg at Onoya Beef the other day.
350yen per one scotch egg. It was big and delicious.
Worth trying.

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