Flowery Dish

Japanese food Flowery Dish – Squid Putty I made some flowers for my birthday.Squid flower putty? This is sweet but appetizer. How to make Squid putty 【Ingredient for squid putty】Squid 50g Egg white of 1 egg1 TSB of Sake(substitute white wine)salt and pepperSoy Sauce (as dip)

Japanese healthy food

As an agricultural people, the Japanese lived on rice and vegetables, occasionally fish.Since the Meiji era, Westernization has progressed and Japanese-style Western cuisine has become popular. Recently, with the aging of the population, traditional healthy food have attracted attention in Japan, I guess. For example, dried vegetables, tofu, wakame seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, small fish and …

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Green tea

Healthy beverage Tea was originally used for medicinal purposes and became a beverage in China. Later, a ritual in Taoism using tea came to be held. It was brought to Japan and developed into the tea ceremony in the 15th century. I believe that our frequent drinking of tea in our lives is not a …

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Winter has come

We call this time of season as Shiwasu in Japanese which characters mean running teacher . December is the month people have a lot of things to complete by the coming new year. Thinking back, 2021 has been the year of Covid 19 following 2020. Should I mention Olympic 2020 in Tokyo? No! Olympic is …

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