Japanese healthy food

As an agricultural people, the Japanese lived on rice and vegetables, occasionally fish.Since the Meiji era, Westernization has progressed and Japanese-style Western cuisine has become popular. Recently, with the aging of the population, traditional healthy food have attracted attention in Japan, I guess. For example, dried vegetables, tofu, wakame seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, small fish and …

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Green tea

Healthy beverage Tea was originally used for medicinal purposes and became a beverage in China. Later, a ritual in Taoism using tea came to be held. It was brought to Japan and developed into the tea ceremony in the 15th century. I believe that our frequent drinking of tea in our lives is not a …

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Winter has come

We call this time of season as Shiwasu in Japanese which characters mean running teacher . December is the month people have a lot of things to complete by the coming new year. Thinking back, 2021 has been the year of Covid 19 following 2020. Should I mention Olympic 2020 in Tokyo? No! Olympic is …

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