What is Kitune?

It is believed that Kitune has supernatural powers in Japan.  In Japanese folklore. Kitune, namely Japanese fox, often transforms into a beautiful woman, young girl.  The Kabuki play “Kuzunoha” is a sad romantic story.  ”White fox” is Japanese opera based on “Kuzunoha” .

In our walking, the guide put Kitune mask on somewhere her body.

Kitune is sort of a character in the play. You could be Kitune in this walking.

Kagurazaka walk(free)

We will hold a free kagurazaka kitune walk trip on May 18th. We are to walk Saka(hills), Roji(narrow alleys) , temples such as Kakurenboyokocho(Hide-and-seek side alley).

Please send us your name, the number of participants and E-mail for the resevation.

We shall meet just at the west exit of JR IIdabashi station at 16:00 on May 18th , as shown below.
I put Kitsune mask somewhere on my clothes. You might wanna put the mask if you like.

Please acknowledge that there is no insurance on this walk. We will not take any responsibility for the injuries or damages of the participants even if an accident should occur during the walk. Thanks for your understandings.

JR IIDABASHI Meeting point

5月18日(土曜日)に無料神楽坂きつねお面路地ウォークを開催します。参加ご希望の方は 古田までお名前とメールアドレスをお送りください。日時の変更などがあった場合のご連絡に使わせて頂きます。

人数 15人位まで

集合場所: JR飯田橋駅 西口改札を出たところ

集合時間 16時

所用時間 2時間~2時間半位 



The scenic alleys in Tokyo(1)

Hyogo yokocho (side alley) is one of the most scenic alleys in Tokyo.  The stone-caved side alley climbs up to Kaguraza-dori avenue zigzagged. We cannot see the corner ahead walking through the narrow alley.  It is sloped and turned to be stepped at intervals.  The narrow alley is surrounded by the black walls.  These factors make Hyogo yokocho cosy.  We see the branches of the pine tree growing out  from the wall of the classic Japanese restaurant.
Would you please visit IIdabasi, Kagurazaka, Tokyo!

Kagurazaka Hyogo Yokocho

Kagurazaka 1

Hyogo yokocho( Hyogo Side Alley)
Hyogo(arsenal) is derived from the armony of Ushigome castle which was located here in the warring period.  This side alley is one of the most attractive alleys in Kagurazaka. The classical Japanese restaurants and ryokan(hotels) are located along the stone-paved alley.  Due to the natural ups and downs, a few steps and slopes are mixed in the alley. As we walk, the visual point gradually changes. In addition, the narrow alley and the black wooden walls make the passenger feel at home. The serene atmosphere reminds me Kanazawa.