City walk

Why Kagurazaka?

After the architectural research, the maze-like lanes have become one of my favorite.
City walk

Free Tokyo walking trip – Kagurazaka Hill in shinjuku

This is to inform you of our Tokyo free guide trip.  We show you around one of the scenic place in Tokyo.  


Takigi-Noh theater

Last sunday I went to a city hall to see Takigi-Noh theater.  We usually call "Noh theater performed outside by fire" Takigi-Noh.  But due to a typhoon approaching Japan, the Takigi-Noh theater had to changed to be performed at the theater indoors without fire.  This was a shame.  Nevertheless, the performance of Noh theater was great!!  I now plan to see other Noh theater in near future.

City walk

Asakusa and Hanayashiki

Asakusa Hanayashiki is the oldest amusement park in Japan and Hana-Yashiki means flower(Hana)-residence(Residence).  Now we can ride Roller coaster and Space shot. But originally, it was park where civilians enjoyed seeing plum blossoms and cherry blossoms.  I


What to do in Tokyo – Bon Odori in Tsukiji

Bon Odori(Bon Festival dance) is full swing now. I went to Tsukij-honganji temple for Bon Festival dance(Bon-odori) last night.