Pseudo chicken Sushi

What is Pseudo Sushi? Pseudo sushi is a creative look-alike-sushi that allows for a variety of ingredients beyond the usual raw fish and vinegared rice. It’s sushi, but with a twist!
While sushi has a long history dating back to the 8th century, pseudo sushi is a relatively new food after 18th century.

Pseudo Sushi,

Pseudo Sushi might gain popularity for its versatility, creativity and ability to cater to dietary restrictions. It’s a fun way to enjoy sushi without being bound by tradition. Especially, for non-Japanese people, pseudo Sushi must be easy to take on Japanese food, as it has no raw fish and no rice.

Here’s a perfect guide to help you create your own.

If you’re new to making pseudo sushi, this simple recipe is a great place to start this deep-fried chicken Psuedo sushi Summary: Dive into the delightful fusion of traditional sushi and modern cuisine with our Avocado and Chicken Maki Sushi recipe. A unique blend of flavors, this dish offers an exciting take on your typical sushi roll, sure to impress at your next meal.

In this blog post, we are exploring a novel twist on the classic sushi roll by incorporating two unlikely ingredients: chicken and avocado. We guide you through the step-by-step process of creating this delicious Avocado and Chicken Maki Sushi.

Recipe of “Pseudo Sushi”: Rolled Fried chicken roll with avocado paste in the center

To create this unique sushi roll, you will need the following main ingredients:
One Chicken breast : about 100gram per 1 sheet of Nori
One avocado
A sheet of seaweed (Nori)
Salt and pepper

【Cooking Process】
◆ Slice the chicken breast to a thickness suitable for wrapping with seaweed.
◆ Tenderize the chicken using a fork.
◆ Season with salt and pepper and shape for rolling.
◆ Preparing the Avocado. Peel and dice the avocado, drizzle with lemon juice.
◆ Puree the avocado and season with salt and pepper.
◆ Assembling the Sushi Roll
◆ Lay the chicken and avocado paste on the seaweed sheet.
◆ Roll the sushi tightly using a sushi mat or aluminum foil.
◆ Prepare a batter from cornstarch or flour and water.
◆ Pour and heat oil in a frying pan over medium heat.
◆ Coat the sushi roll in batter and cook in the pan until golden brown.
◆ Allow the roll to cool, slice into pieces, and serve.

This Avocado and Chicken Maki Sushi is a culinary fusion that brings together the rich, buttery flavor of avocado and the succulent taste of chicken. It’s a delightful twist on traditional sushi, offering a unique taste and texture experience. Whether as an appetizer, main dish, or snack, this sushi roll is sure to impress. Try this recipe out and savor the unique fusion of flavors!

Suggested Side dish and Pairing

Side Dishes such as TOFU salad for a perfect vegan Sushi complete your meal. Best Drinks to Pair with Pseudo Sushi to enhance your pseudo sushi experience, try pairing it with white wine, Sake.

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