The scenic alleys in Shinjuku(1) – Tokyo walking tour

Hyogo yokocho (side alley) is one of the most scenic alleys in Tokyo.  The stone-caved side alley climbs up to Kaguraza-dori avenue zigzagged. We cannot see the corner ahead walking through the narrow alley.  It is sloped and turned to be stepped at intervals.  The narrow alley is surrounded by the black walls.  These factors makeContinue reading “The scenic alleys in Shinjuku(1) – Tokyo walking tour”

Hyogo Yokocho lane, Shinjuku walk

The name, Hyogo(arsenal) is derived from the armony of Ushigome castle, which was located here in the warring period.  This Yokocho, side alley is one of the most attractive side alleys in Kagurazaka. The classical Japanese restaurants and ryokan(hotels) are located along the stone-paved alley.There are a few steps and slopes mixed in the alley.Continue reading “Hyogo Yokocho lane, Shinjuku walk”