Japanese Cooking – Oysters fries

oyster cutlets

Our dinner was oysters fries.  Oysters are now in season in Japan.  To make much their tasty juice, I fried them!    The recipe of oysters fries is almost the same as the one of Aji cutlets.

fine dry bread crumbs
egg 1, well beaten
oil(corn oil or olive oil)

■Have egg mixture ready in a shallow dish.

■Clean oysters with salted water in a bowl.  Dry them with paper towel.  Coat them lightly with four then egg and finally with crumbs.

■Heat oil in a deep frying pan over medium heat. Put the coated oyster one by one in it. Keep the temperature between 180-190°centigrade).
When the bubbles around fillets get bigger, take them out of the pan into the cooking paper. Place them on a dish and eat with Worcester Source.Deep fry them.

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