We now have a walking tour putting a Kitsune mask suitable for overseas travelers. Kitsune, the Japanese fox, is also a messenger of cereal god, Inari, whilst it is also taken as an animal that has a supernatural power to transform into a man, woman, child in Japanese folklore.

Here is our flyer!

Having one drink with a side dish in Izakaya is added to the tour on the flyer. The walking time will be around 2 and half hours.

(Access to Kagurazaka) – only 13 minutes to get to Iidabashi station from Shinjuku by JR Sobu line

(Schedule ) Please check this page.

(Fee)  Now a special deal. $40 including one drink and a side dish.
At the moment, we do not have insurance for you. But we can put the participant’s self-insurance on your name instead. You can use our Kitsune masks.

Kitsune-Japanese fox

Kitsune seems to match Kagurazaka because of the area’s subtle charm. You would understand if you walk in Kagurazaka with a “Kitsune” mask on. You might feel like wandering in the dream.
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Why Kagurazaka?
Hyogo-yokocho lane, Kagurazaka
Kagurazaka Short History