Tokyo evening Walking

Let’s have an unforgettable Tokyo evening!

Kagurazaka night walking(approx.2hours)

Guide tour(only 13 minutes to get to Kagurazaka from Shinjuku by JR Sobu line )

Kagurazaka has more than 60 Sakas(slopes).  Saka gives us more impressive and changing views than flat street, as we walk.
Until we reach the top of the Saka, we cannot have seen ahead over the top. This fact makes one thrilled. You would agree that many narrow Saka would add charms to Kagurazaka.  Here is our flyer!


Saturday, Sunday 17:00~19:00(approx) .  Upon your request, we can make an arrangement for this walking trip.  Please feel free to contact us.

Fee 3000 yen per one person without any insurance.
Please make a reservation by E-mail.
For making a reservation


In the Edo priod(1603~1868) , Kagura-zaka had many Samurai villas and Tokugawa-related temples.  Temples had, so to speak, extraterritorial right.  In Gyogenji temple, there were market and  geisha quarter.  Narrow and winding lanes  are likely the traces of its history.
It had been the renowned geisha district(entertainment area)through the Meiji( 1968-1912),Taisho(1912~1926),Showa(1926~1989) period.
On the back street, we occasionally hear the tone of the Shamisen.
Now, many nice small-sized restaurants are moved in this area. Not only Japanese bars but also French or Italian restaurants are there.

The overseas travelers would see the good old Japaneseness as well as the modern one in “human-scaled” Kagura-zaka.kakurenbo-yokocho