Why Kagurazaka?

Lanes near Jinai Park

We chose Kagurazaka to start with. Let us explain why we took up it.
1)Scenic views made by hills and narrow lanes.
Kagurazaka in Shinjuku ward boasts scenic views. It has more than 60 Saka(hills).  As a result, you would notice the drastic changes of view caused by many ups and downs in Kagurazaka while walking. Simultaneously, you find many temples and shrines as well as remains of a castle on the high ground there.
On the contrary, you would see the outer moat near Iidabashi station and a river on the low ground. These geographical characteristics contribute to this area’s complicated beauty.

2)Traces of Geisha district and nice restaurants
Moreover, some parts of Kagurazaka were Kagai(Geisha district). Of course, now still, Geisha culture survives here in Kagurazaka. Along Kenbanyokocho side-lane, there is a Kenban(a management office of Geisha and a training place for dancing and playing instruments) .
You might feel the traces of Kagai while walking on the zigzag lane. Now, fancy restaurants and souvenir shops are along narrow lanes. As French language school, Athens Francais is in Kagurazaka, you might feel French influence as well. Stylish persons seem to visit here for dinner.

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