Japanese recipe-Steamed fish with grated turnips

Kabura-mushi(Steamed fish with grated turnip)

Kabura-mushi is a light and refreshing dish.
Nourishing and low calorie.
It is perfect for cold seasons as the body warms up.

【Ingredients】(For 2 persons)
One fish fillet (sea bream or Japanese sea perch)
half of an egg white
Grated turnip 200g
Green peas as relishes
Boiled turnip leaves cut in 1/2 inch

1 TS of sake
1 cup of Japanese stock(Dashi made by Konbu, Katsuobushi)
1 TS of Mirin(sweet sake)
1 TS of soy sauce
1/2 TS of salt
2TBS of Katakuriko(potato starch) for thickening the sauce. Flour is substitutable.
2TBS of water

1) Slice a fish fillet into several pieces.
2) Add a pinch of salt into half of an egg white and beat it. Mix it with grated turnip well. Add green peas in it and mix.
3) Put slices of fish in the deep dish. Pour the mixture of 2) on the fish. Sprinkle boiled turnip leaves as relishes. Put a lid on the dish and steam it for around 8 minutes. Check by skewering whether the fish is cooked.
4) Prepare the sauce. Add Katakuriko into 2tb of water and mix. Boil Japanese stock and add Sake, Mirin, soy sauce and salt. When the fish is cooked, boil the sauce again and pour the solution of Katakuriko into it. Keep boil at low heat and mix well until the liquid gets thickened. Pour the thickened sauce onto the cooked fish.

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