The coolest place in Tokyo

Where do you think the coolest place in central Tokyo during summer is?  I guess it’s Meiji-jingu shrine beside Harajuku station.  

Meiji-jingu shrine honden

Meiji-jingu shrine is a sort of a park to me rather than a shrine.  Wild lives and plants have been kept as they are, since this shrine was constructed in 1920. Owing to tall big trees there, the temparature around the shrine is lower than Takeshita-dori Ave. or Omotesando-Ave. around Harajuku station during summer. 

Meiji-jingu shrine

I had never visited Meiji-jingu shrine before, though the shrine has a large number of visitors. It gets extremely crowded, especially, during the New Year. Every time I watch people queueing at the shrine at that time of year, I feel like staying home rather than visiting there. In addition, I am not so much interested in Emperor Meiji who is enshrined here. So, I had never visited this shrine before.
However, after visiting the shrine for the first time, I realized that Meiji-jingu shrine is like an oasis in central Tokyo. It is worth walking the site, whether this is Shinto shrine or not. I recommend this shrine to overseas travelers.

Torii in Meiji-jingu shrine

Meiji jingu shrine
Barrels of Sake wrapped in straws
Map of Meiji-jingu shrine site
Forest in Meiji-jingu shrine
There is a garden called Gyoen in Meiji-jingu site
The forest, Meiji-jingu shrine

Let’s walk Tokyo with a traditional mask on!

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