Takigi-Noh theater

A mask of Noh theater by Pakutaso

Last sunday, I went to a city hall to see Takigi-Noh theater.  It was a quite nice opportunity for me to see Noh.  To tell you the truth, I once fell into sleep during a Noh theater.  At that time, I really did not check the story line of that beforehand.  The longer the tranquil Noh theater went, the deeper my sleep went.  Immediately after one of Noh theater was over, I decided to leave there.

To my joy, Takigi-Noh would have been played outside by fire in the site of Sagami women college this time.  We usually call “Noh theater performed outside by fire” Takigi-Noh.  As I trully like fire and fireworks, I had been really looking forward to seeing it.  But due to a typhoon approaching Japan, the Takigi-Noh theater was forced to be performed indoors without fire.  This was a shame.

Nevertheless, the performance of Noh theater was great!!  The movements of the Noh player are new to me.  It was so beautiful that I now plan to see other Noh theater in near future.

For your information, there is a Noh studio where you can experience Noh theater as a player in Omote-Sando.  Please take a look at the following website for the details.

Tessenkai noh studio in Omotesando

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