Kagurazaka walk

We will hold a kagurazaka kitune walk trip on July 8th. We are to walk Saka(hills), Roji(narrow alleys) , temples such as Kakurenboyokocho(Hide-and-seek side alley). The fee is 1000 yen this time.  I put Kitsune mask somewhere on my clothes. You can put the mask if you like.

For the details , please check our brochure.  Would you please send us your name, the number of participants and E-mail for the resevation.

Kagurazaka walkWhere is JR Iidabashi station?

We meet just at the west exit of JR IIdabashi station at 17:00  on July 8th.
We can make an arrangement on other days.  Please feel free to contact us.

Would you please acknowledge that there is no insurance on this walk. We will not take any responsibility for the injuries or damages of the participants even if an accident should occur during the walk. Thanks for your understandings.

kagurazaka map

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