Japanese portable ceramic stove

What is Shichirin?

Most of non-Japanese may not know Shichirin. Shichirin is a portable ceramic brazier, a sort of Japanese cooking utensil. The word, Shichirin, means seven wheels in Japanese. Though I do not know why this cooking stove is called Shichirin, I like using Shichirin.

It looks like this.

Japanese cooking utensil
Japanese portable ceramic brazier

As shown above, we can take in the air from the sliding intake located above the bottom. By opening or closing the air intake, we are able to adjust the strength of fire. We usually use Shichirin with a net on top.

This Japanese cooking utensil is often used for Yakiniku, grilled meat, as it brings out a special atmosphere. Also, a charcoal fire gives nice heat, which makes meat more delicious than gas stove heating. We can enjoy good charcoal incense as well.

These days Shichirin is rarely used at home in Japan since it takes a long time to make a good charcoal fire using Shichirin.

Japanese portable ceramic stove

When I lived in a flat, I frequently grilled chicken and meat by Shichirin on the veranda. Yakitori(grilled chicken) is one of my favorite Japanese dishes.

I love using this special Japanese cooking utensil because I can enjoy not only having Yakitori but seeing a fire in the dark.

Grilled chicken
Grilled skewered chicken

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