Japanese donabe pot

I was really surprised to find Shiro-miso paste on the British shopping site. Wow, it is unbelievable!
I would add the link of the website selling Shiro-miso(white miso) below.


White-miso tastes a bit sweet, less salty compared to Aka-miso(red-miso) and goes well with butter.


Now, I would like to show how to make Nabe using a Japanese donabe pot. This sort of dish is very easy to cook and good for our health as it uses a lot of vegetables.

Japanese donabe pot

White-Miso Nabe for one person
【Ingredients】(Nabe for one person)
one pound of water(soaked with Konbu, if possible)
1 TBS of Sake
2 to 3 TBS of white miso
1 to 2 TBS of butter
1 pack Tofu(if you like)
one quarter of Hakusai (if not available, substitute cabbage)
1 Onion
1 Carrot
2 potatoes
a few mushroom
2 or 3 limbs of crab( if not available, use shrimp or salmon, cod)

1) Soak the kelp in water for about 30 minutes to take the broth (if there is no kelp, use water as it is)
2) Cut vegetables to make them easier to eat.
3) Put 1) into a Japanese donabe pot, boil it.
Add sake and white miso in the following way.
As white miso is a bit hard, put miso into a bowl. Scoop out the hot water and pour it onto the white miso. Stir them by chopsticks or fork. Get it back to the donabe pot and mix well.
4) Put hard vegetables into the donabe. Add tofu and crab. Put the boiled spinach on top. Finally, put the butter and mix. Done!

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