The influence of Novel Coronavirus

Now, Japan is the country with the second largest coronavirus-infected patients. Coronavirus is a threat to Japan now.
It looks pretty easy to get infected. I read an article saying that only 2 seconds is necessary to be infected if the person without a mask is in touch with the infected.
There is another related article that Coronavirus is an acute infectious virus.
It says that a resident 10 stories above could have transmitted to a resident below through a broken exhaust pipe in Hong Kong.

Moreover, the incubation period seems to be long before the outbreak. I read the article saying it’s up to 42 days at the maximum.
Some people have no symptoms. But, it sometimes recurs. Very scarry.
The Japanese government made a mistake to stop spreading at its initial response.
There are accusations about this from BBC or New York Times. Unfortunately, it is true.

Considering the current situation, we are not sure when we can give a cooking party.
We are very sorry about this. We trully hope that the situation will get better ASAP.

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