Okonomiyaki (savory pancake) with gorgonzola sauce

savoury pancake with Gorgonzola sauce

I bought discounted Gorgonzola cheese today! During walking home with it, I was thinking what to eat tonight. Then a good idea occurred to me. I decided to make Okonomiyaki with gorgonzola sauce!

Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake. In other words, it’s food for people. Osaka and Hiroshima are famous for their Okonomiyaki. If you go to Osaka or Hiroshima, please make sure to have it.
Here, I pour Gorgonzola sauce onto Okonomiyaki. Say, Italian Japanese cooking. This Okonomiyaki really goes with wine. Worth of trying. In case you do not have Okonomiyaki sauce, please use the mixture as followings or Soy sauce.

【ingredients for 2 Japanese people 】
2 eggs
water 200ml
flour 200g
Cabbage 200g
Thinly sliced meat(pork or beef) about 60g (Please adjust)
approx.40g of gorgonzola and 1 TBC of white wine for Gorgonzola sauce
Okonomiyaki sauce ★If Okonomiyaki sauce is not available, substitute it with the mixture of Worcester sauce, ketchup and soy sauce.
Vegetable Oil 1 TBS
green laver if available

●Mix eggs well in a bowl. Add water and mix
Put flour in the mixture and mix well. Add sliced cabbage(200g) and mix well.
●First、pour 1 TBS of oil and grill the sliced meat in the pan. Then pour the mixture onto it. Keep baking it. When the back side is cooked, turn over the pancake. Apply Mayonnaise and Okonomiyaki sauce. Sprinkle green laver, if available.

●Put gorgonzola and white wine in a small bowl. Melt it in the microwave. Pour it onto the Okonomiyaki!

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