Grilled skewered chicken

Yakitori? Grilled Skewed Chicken

Yakitori is food of the common people.
Skewer small pieces of chicken thigh and bake them while seasoning.
In Japan, some people eat internal organs of a chicken such as liver, heart.

Yakitori is an easy-to-make dish everywhere.
But I have to add that chicken tastes different depending upon how they are bred.
Japanese chicken has a lot of water. On the other hand, European chicken has a rich taste and goes well with cream and butter.
So, if you make it with the same ingredients, in the same way, the taste will change accordingly.

Grilled skewered chicken
Grilled skewered chicken in Japanese style

【ingredients for 2 persons】
●For Yakitori Sauce
Soysauce TBS 1 and 1/2
Mirin TBS 1 and 1/2
Suger TBS 1
●For skewer
Chicken thigh 3/4 pound

◆The recipe of Yakitori Sauce
Heat the ingredients in a small pot. It’s ready when thickened.

◆The recipe of Yakitori、Japanese-styled grille skewered chicken
Skin chicken thigh and clean it.
Cut it into about 1inch pieces and skewer them.
Grill them. Frequently put Yakitori Sauce with a brush.
Eat when the skewered chicken becomes slightly brown.
If you have a Japanese cooking utensil such as a fish grill, things would be easier.
I used another Japanese cooking utensil, Shichirin.

Japanese ceramic brazier
ceramic stove

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