Izakaya Tavern unwritten rule


“Otoshi is an appetizing small dish served as soon as a customer sits down in a Japanese bar or Izakaya(tavern) “at night(Quote from weblio).

Many overseas visitors must drop in Izakaya . You would get happy if you choose good Izakaya. Nice food, comfortable atmosphere, reasonable price!  Some Izakaya specialize in fish, others do in Yakitori(Bite-size pieces of chicken grilled on a skewer).  Walking in the busy city such as Shinjuku, we are at loss in which Izakaya to have dinner sometimes.   There are too many Izakaya in Shinjuku.

In Izakaya, a waiter/ess automatically serve you an hors d’oeuvre at first and you have to pay for it later, even though you did not order it.  It is a fixed dish.  You might get upset if you did not know this system. 

It is better to consider Otoshi as a kind of table charge in Izakaya or bar. Though we usually cannot skip it, most of stand-up  Izakaya and bars do not take any table charge.  You might change the menu to the other appetizer in case that you would not like a fixed one.  So, please check it.

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