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Last week, I stopped in Kappabashi street (Utensils-shops street)and bought several fancy plates.  Kappabashi Street is located on the the west side of Asakusa and walkable from Asakusa.

I always get thrilled to see around Kappabashi, where many interesting kitchen utensils and equipment are sold.  It is a very special place even to me.  Nice pottery or kichen utensils are imperative to serve Japanese food. We use various shaped trays,containers to entertain guests.   Cooks choose a tray matching the Japanese food(dish) one by one. Pottery has to go well with Japanese food, especially at very nice restaurants.

I am sure that the persons who like cooking would love Kappabashi.
Just seeing various types of dishes, tools such as sushi molds or signs is fun.

The last time I visited Kappabashi, I bought a Sushi mold. sushi mold
There are many shapes and sizes of Sushi molds. This holds true of any other kitchen utensils, dishes, trays. Tourists from overseas would be surprised how large their variety are. For shopping, you had better focus on certain products.

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