Asakusabashi, the retail district next to Akihabara

asakusabashi station(JR Soubu line, East gate)
Asakusabashi station(JR soubu line east gate)

Shimojima is a must to visit for whom love paper-related goods

Asakusabashi station is the next stop from Akihabara sta. on Sobu line and walkable between both stations.  It is about 10 ~15minutes to take from Akihabara to here on foot.  This area is a retail district where the small shops selling accessary parts, leather, wrapping goods are scattered.  While walking there, you will find some manufacturers of leather products here as well. 

Among the shops, Shimojima is the most major company, I think.  Though Shimojima has several branches around Asakusabashi, the below-shown shop near Asakusabashi station is the most convenient to go shopping and has a wide variety of paper-related goods.   No dought it is fun for me to hunt numerous types of wrapping goods such as paper, boxes, ribbons and marketing goods, stationery here. As far as I know, I have never seen this kind of shop abroad.  If you like paper products or paper, you would forget the time while strolling here. 

Big store of wrapping goods
Shimojima near Asakusabashi station
Shimojima entrance
Shimojima has a wide variety of wrapping materials and marketing goods for retails.
Pouches made of toweling
Bread-shaped pouches seen beside Shimojima shop entrance.

Moreover, it would be amusing for leather-working-mania or accessary-making-lovers to walk around in Asakusabashi.  Again I would say, I have never seen these kinds of shops other than here in Tokyo.

the accessary-parts shop near Asakusabashi West gate

Now fashionable cafes here!

Young generations have started small cafes, cake or chocolate shops in this area recently. Walking through alleys, we bump into small cute shops. It is fun to find a nice cake shop and a fancy leather shop.

I almost forgot to mention the shops handling traditional dolls around Asakusabashi.  These dolls have been made for the prayer for infants’ wellness over centuries.   Usually grandparents buy these very expensive dolls for their grandchildren.  It’s a sort of a tradition in Japan.   Why don’t you drop in Kyugetsu near Asakusabashi station East gate, if you like?   Just for your information.

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