Spicy shrimp Uramaki Sushi

Chili shrimp uramaki sushi

Uramaki sushi

This is Quasi-Chinese version of Uramakizushi.

First I make EBICHILI(chili shrimp) and then I put it in the center of Uramakisushi with OBA(Japanese herb). I cut a roll of uramakizushi into several pieces and put fried Broccoli and Shrimp on top of each piece.
It is not authentic Sushi but very nice for those who don’t eat raw fish.

Fried broccoli is more tasty than I expected.  Good for Western food.

How to cook EBICHILI(Chili Shrimp)
80g shrimp (skinned)
3TBS ketchup
1TBS soy sauce
1TBS Sake(or sherry)
a half TS Toubanjan(broad bean chili paste (Chinese seasoning)
1 clove Garlic minced
1 TS minced ginger
1 TS thinly sliced Naganegi(long onion)
1 TS sesami-oil

(1)In a frying pan, over medium heat, pour sesami-oil.
Add minced garlic, minced ginger, thinly sliced Naganegi, stirring frequently.
When they turned light brown, place one half TS toubanjan.
Add 1 TBS Sake, three TBS ketchup, 1TBS soy sauce and cook.
Taste and add some ketcup or say sauce if necessary.

(2)In parallel cook shrimp in a small pan of boiling water. Drain hot water and take the shrimp quickly.
Dry them with paper towel.
Add the shrimp into the sauce as made in (1) over medium heat stirring well.

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