Nigiri-zushi Party


Gunkanmaki(Battleship sushi) that my friends made.

I have given a nigiri-sushi(or nigiri-zushi )party this weekend.
My friends have came to my house and made Nigiri-sushi together.

I had already prepared Sushi rice. We kept making nigiri-sushi using already cocked rice.
First, we made authentic nigiri with tuna, salmon, red sea bream and then moved to oshizushi with vinegared mackerel.
We Put sushi rice into the sushi mold for the sake of forming a cuboid. Then placing slices of mackerel and slices of a cucumber and Daikon radish on the top. Put the lid on and press it. After leaving them one hour, we remove the mold and cut the oshizushi.

Finally, we made Gunkanmaki(battleship sushi). A sheet of Nori(seaweeds) have got slightly wet making crinkles. But the taste was good.

Most of nigiri-zushi shown in the above pictures were made by my friends.  「Making and eating sushi  is a lot of fun!  」.  You would agree with us.
Great weekend!

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