Japanese traditional paper balloon

Japanese Paper balloon

The rainy season has come to Tokyo.
It is very muggy at this time of the year in Tokyo. Moreover, I’ve totally got sick of the terrible news disclosed every day for these three or four months.
Of couse, I’ve found joy in watching the free ballet programs for all of the people staying at home over the world, which make me excited and energetic.
Also, I have tried tidying up my room and found a paper balloon left in the corner of the shelf.
This is a traditional toy for small children.
This kind of primitive play is fun.

Usually, we play with a paper balloon by hand. When you tap it, it makes a sound, and I like that sound! I guess these simple plays seem refreshing in today’s digital world.
Sound and movement are working together.
Even now, we are not able to go to theater or watch baseball match. So, such a small thing as playing with a paper ball could soothe us. Have a nice day!

For your information→How to make paper balloon with paper!

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