How to grow vegetables easily

The Cabbage growing bigger and bigger

Recently, I’ve been planting the left-over vegetable roots in the soil and growing them again. The cabbage root is growing well right now.
This root was about 1inch in length and diameter, which should have gone to the garbage can. 

About one month ago, I saw an acquaintance of mine regenerate a cabbage root and make the leaves grow bigger and bigger. It was marvelous! So, I started trying it out.

The problems are some slugs’ attacks during night. I abhor slugs and would not like to see them at all.
As I heard that slugs hate copper ions, I put the thin copper wire onto the cabbage first, but it didn’t work very well.
After that, I put the copper mesh I bought for the sake of killing the COVID-19 virus on mask. To my surprise, it really stopped them coming to the root.
It really does have a bactericidal effect, doesn’t it?

A friend of mine who does farming in parallel with his IT business once told me that cabbage can’t grow without pesticides because it gets a lot of bugs.
I think it’s true. Butterflies come and go in my small garden in summer. So, soon or later, I will be forced to battle them persistently!
It is a great joy to see something growing. I enjoy growing a cabbage root.

I will report how it grows.

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