A short trip to Izu

Izu is a tourist destination for Tokyoite to get to within one hour by bullet train. There are many hot springs(Onsen) in Izu.

One of the oldest Onsen in Izu is Atami. There are several sightseeing places other than Onsen as well.
To me, Atami seems a bit busy place. I have tried to avoid dropping in there for years. I prefer a much more deserted place. Haha. So, I put the picture of Mt Fuji seen from Nishi(West) Izu here.

Mt.Fuji and the ocean in Nishi-izu

The photo was taken about 3 or 4 years ago when I drove there with my mother.
She liked that place and enjoyed staying there for one night there. Good memories.
I’d like to go back there someday when the anxiety about COVID-19 is gone away.

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