How to make Nigiri-zushi(Sushi)


How to make Nigiri-zushi(Sushi)

We, japanese, usually do not cook Nigiri Sushi home. As it looks a bit hard even for us to make Nigiri sushi, especially in forming Sushi rice into the right shape with right palm pressure. Never mind! We are not artisanal Sushi cook.
Easier done than thought. Just try!(Ingredients)Sushi rice (Please check this article-“how to cook sushi rice”)
Boiled shrimp
Slices of cucumber
Slices of Avocado
Slices of smoked salomon, cod roe, tuna, whatever you like
Grated ginger
Wasabi(Japanese horseradish)

Prepare sushi rice first.  Then put about one tablespoon of sushi rice on your palm and squeeze it into a rounded rectangular shape. Then spread a small amount of Wasabi on it.
Put it aside on the dish.
Put one slice of avogado and shrimp on your palm.  Place the formed rice back on them in your palm.
Bending your palm to hold them. Slightly squeeze the rice and a slice of avogado and a shrimp again.

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