Salmon sushi(maze sushi)

salmon sushi

This dish is Western type of Sushi, rather like salad. It is easy to make. You do not have to squeeze Sushi rice into  your palms or a mold. I like this Sushi.   It is very fresh taste.  Please try!


Sushi rice (Please check this article-“how to cook sushi rice”)
Sliced smoked salmon
a half of cucumber
Slices of lemon
Grated ginger
TSP of salt
*Crunchy nuts if you like

Slice cucumber and mix them with 1 TSP of salt. Leave them for at least one hour.
Then cucumber juice drips. Squeeze them to get rid of water.
Put sushi rice into a bowl. Add sesami and grated ginger and mix.
Add slices of smoked salmon and pickled cucumber,lemon. Serve them.

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