Chinese New Year Festival

Chinese tiger

It is about one hour to get to Yokohama by train. You can see the seacoast from Yamashitakoen, which is very close to China Town. If you are pondering where to go near Tokyo, Yokohama could be one of your choices.

There were several events in Yokohama China Town between E/Jan to B/Feb. They also hold a festival on Feb 8th.

This was my first time to see Chinese tiger dancing. It was completely different from the Japanese one. The face of the Chinese tiger is very cute and the sound of percussion is rhythmical. Fireworks accompany them several times. There is a saying that if the tiger softy bites the audience’s head, she/he will be given good luck by him.

The festival was so fun to see that I forgot the time to go home. I am now really inclined to see Chinese play(Kyogeki). I decided to go Yokohama China Town again in the near future.

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