A secret of making Sushi immaculately

A pair of vinyle gloves for sushi making

Won’t you ever want to make Sushi immaculately? Not necessarily immaculately, but beautifully.
It is said that sushi chefs have to spend many years doing chores at the bottom of a Sushi restaurant. Many apprentices seem not to be given a chance to hold nigiri sushi for a while. I do not know whether this is true or not.
Now this time, I have found a simple and wise way to sort out the difficulty of making Sushi with sticky rice! It is a pair of vinyl gloves. I did not realized a pair of vinyl gloves are Japanese cooking utensils.
This makes the rice easier to handle without sticking to your fingers.

Sushi craftsmen are considered sacred occupations and usually do not use vinyl gloves in Japan. That is partly because Sushi making is sometimes regarded as a sort of “Show” performed in front of guests.

In Japan, where there is still a lot of discrimination against women, Some say women may not be able to get delicious sushi because of their high body temperature. Not really.

I am sure that if you wear vinyl gloves like this, you will be more hygienic and make Sushi better.
No doctor operates with bare hands in modern society. Let’s use Japanese cooking utensils called gloves in order to make Sushi .

A shot of sushi-making in Tokyo

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