Japanese cooking party

We had a cooking party yesterday.
Though most of the members usually do not cook, they looked very happy to cook Sushi. Please take a look at the pictures of the party. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures. I here post the video that Sanjay san made and the pictures of the other participants with their permissions.

Saikyo-miso Gratin

This gratin uses one of Shiro-miso(white-miso), Saikyo Miso which goes well with butter and taste a bit sweet. Usually Miso taste salty.

He made Sushi!
He made very beautiful Sushi.
Well-designed Sushi

Amazing sushi! Sanjay-san made this! Great piece of work!
I enjoyed cooking very much! I might put too many dishes to cook this time. Anyway, I appreciate all the participants very much.

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