Ameyoko market, Ueno

Ameyoko is a street just running along Yamanote line from Okachimachi station to near Ueno station.  There are many shops which sell food, fish, sporting goods, outfits, watches,cosmetics and so on.    A lot of foreign travellers visit Ameyoko these days as well as Japanese shoppers.  I come here to get coffee beans sometimes.  Occasionally, I just pass by Ameyoko wallking from museums in Ueno park.

I suppose that most of the shops in Akihabara sell good-quality goods at low prices.  But there are always exceptions.  I have once bought some frozen mackerels at a fishmonger.  After having a bite of the cooked fish, I stopped eating it.  I damped the rest of the mackerels.  Also I have seen few shops with the  sign boards, saying “Closing sale”.  Every time I pass the shops,  I notice that they are still open in spite of the sign boards!  Always closing sales!

Ameyoko might be fun for you to see the markets and feel the energy.

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