Japanese sweets as souvenir

I like chocolates, cookies, pies e.t.c. So, I have taken up this topic, “Japanese sweets as souvenir”!
I think Japanese sweets are very delicious even for European people.
Judging from my experience in Europe, I am sure about it. It may depend on the price of products whether they buy them or not. I saw Mikado, the European brand name of Pocky at a Sainsbury in Britain. It was very expensive then. British people would not try it for that price.
But if you take a bite of Japanese sweets, you would be aware of their fine texture and delicate flavors of the Japanse sweet.
There are a variety of sweets in Japan. Artisanlike patissiers try making their sweets better. They improve the quality and want to sell the better one, whether it sells well or not. This is Japanese spirit. This holds true of such products as outfits or umbrella, shoes.

I might exaggerate a bit. If you happen to drop in a drug store or a convenience store, please buy some Japanese sweets or snacks. I recommend to try it. Most of overseas tourist would understand what I meant.

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