source "Pikataso"

Octopus dumplings – A popular Japanese snack

Takoyaki, Octopus dumplings, is one of the very popular snacks in Japan.   It is “chopped octopus in batter cooked into ball shapes in iron mold”(quote from “A dictionary of Japanese food”).  In other words, it is “octopus dumpling”.  Actually, I sometimes bought Takoyaki at a supermarket.   You would find the frozen microwavable type of Takoyaki there.  But it is best to eat fresh Takoyaki just made in Takoyaki shop. 
Although Osaka is famous for its Takoyaki, you would sometimes bump into Takoyaki shops in Tokyo.

source "Pakutaso"
Octpus dumplings

Even in Kagurazaka, you will find Gindako, a chain Takoyaki shop along Kagurazaka Ave.  Luckily, this shop has a few tables to have some drinks and Yakisoba(ie.stir-fried noodles) other than Takoyaki.  Though Gindako’s Takoyaki seems a bit fatty to me, it is worth trying.  Enjoy!
The Map of Gindako Kagurazaka

Let’s walk Tokyo with a traditional mask on!

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