Japanese donabe pot

I was really surprised to find Shiro-miso paste on the British shopping site. Wow, it is unbelievable!I would add the link of the website selling Shiro-miso(white miso) below. white-miso-paste.britsuperstore.com White-miso tastes a bit sweet, less salty compared to Aka-miso(red-miso) and goes well with butter. red-miso-paste.amazon.com Now, I would like to show how to make NabeContinue reading “Japanese donabe pot”

The recipe of Easy Japanese hotpot

We usually cook this kind of hotpot in winter and seldom make it in the hot summertime. Now that the fall is around the corner, I put my recipe on this site. In fact, hot-pot is very easy to make. Prepare the ingredients and cut them into small pieces. Then put them into the boilingContinue reading “The recipe of Easy Japanese hotpot”