Japanese addresses have no street names

When I studied in London, I had a chat with my classmate Leonard. He was a very charming French man. Japanese addresses have no street names. I can remember the moment I was explainning him how Japanese addresses are designated. He was extremely surprised to hear that our addresses were not specified by the streetContinue reading “Japanese addresses have no street names”

Observatory in Tokyo metropolitan government building1

There are several good viewing decks in Tokyo such as Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower and so on. I am not so enthusiastic to see cities from the top of towers and high-rise buildings except the windows of an airplane. Nevertheless, the night views of big cities are so intriguing to me, as they show theContinue reading “Observatory in Tokyo metropolitan government building1”

The fishing pond in central Tokyo

Here is a fishing pond near Ichigaya Station of Sobu line in Tokyo.You can see this fishing pond from the station platform.There are many men fishing there on a clear day. A fishing pond in the outer moat and A place where time goes by slowly in a crowded city center. https://www.ichigaya-fc.com/shop_guide_e_f.html 大都会の東京、市ヶ谷駅のそばには釣り堀があります。 駅のプラットフォームからこの釣り堀が見えるんです。 お濠に作られた釣り堀、晴れた日にはたくさんの釣り人が見られます。Continue reading “The fishing pond in central Tokyo”