New Year Cooking Party on Jan 25th

A cooking class will be held in Akasaka on Jan 25th.
Travelers are welcome to join.

【Schedule 】 January 25, 2020 16:00PM to 18:00PM
【 Place 】 6th floor Way Towers, 2-9-2 Akasaka, Minatoku, Tokyo
【 fee 】2000 yen (When you come with a friend, the fee would be reduced to 1500yen per one person)
【Basic Menu】
●Gratin of Naganegi and oyster, Shiromiso-taste *Naganegi is a long variety of long welsh onion. In winter Naganegi gets sweeter. It is high time for us to eat Naganegi!
●Sushi filled with cooked shrimps, eggs, vegetables
●Nikudofu(Simple version of Sukiyaki)

【reservation】 Just send the Email specifying number of participants and your name using the following form. We will send you the bill accordingly.

Sorry, we do not use Ginko.

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