Tokyo Metropolitan governtmental building

Observatory in Tokyo metropolitan government building1

There are several good viewing decks in Tokyo such as Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower and so on. I am not so enthusiastic to see cities from the top of towers and high-rise buildings except the windows of an airplane. Nevertheless, the night views of big cities are so intriguing to me, as they show the different faces of the cities.

This time, I tried to visit the observatory in Tokyo metropolitan governmental building, Shinjuku.

I remembered travelers from Europe asking me ” Is that a city hall?” for making sure. It must be a big surprise for Europeans to understand that such a luxurious building is a city hall.

Tokyo metropolitan governmental building

Generally speaking, city halls in Japan tend to be so extravagant facilities. A large amount of tax is to throw into the public buildings.

For years I have not visited Tokyo metropolitan governmental building, though I have lived in Tokyo for more than a decade.
To tell you a truth, I have not visited the observatory ever in my life. So, this should have been my first visit there.
But, after entering the building, I saw a long line of people waiting for an elevator. Though it was a weekday, many overseas travelers seemed to want to go up to the observatory.

Tokyo Metropolitan governtmental building
The long queue in front of the elevator of Tokyo Metropolitan governmental building to the observatory

Consequently, I was forced to leave there. Because I had another appointment afterward. What a shame!
I will try again to go up to the observatory next time.

The shown below is the details of the observatory;

The Observatory in Metro Tokyo city hall
an observation platform

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