New Year’s day

New Year's cuisine, Osechi

Here comes New Years Day!
I have made Osechi, New Year cuisine. It needs a lot of hours to complete all of the dishes.
We wish you a happy new year.

By the way, do you know Ojubako( multi-tiered food box )?

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We traditionally celebrate New Year eating Osechi. On this occasion, we use multi-tiered Ojubako(Jubako) for Osechi setting so that it would multiply happiness and blessings as well.
Other than that, Ojubako is used for formal dinner. The lackered stacking box is a sort of Japanese cooking utensil which makes a rich representation on the table. When we see Ojubako with a lid on a table, we would expect there must be Gochiso(delicious meal) in that Japanese cooking utensils.

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