My Japanese recipes

Tempura of a bamboo shoot

Using the boiled bamboo shoot I made shown on the previous page, I made some dishes of them. Here is the recipe of Tempura of a bamboo shoot. Cut the boiled bamboo shoot into small bites. Dust them with flour. Dip the bamboo shoots in tempura batter and fry in vegetable oil. (Ingredients of Tempura …

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Bamboo shoots just ready

There seems to be a good harvest of bamboo shoots this year.Such a big one is 500 yen(approx. $4.5). Preparation!Chop the bamboo shoot into pieces.Put them in boiled water with bran and chilies for about an hour.Then simmer them in bonito stock. Please take a look at the recipe of bamboo shoots.

What is Yakiimo?Sweet potatoes?

In the past, I saw a lot of mobile sales wagons handling roasted sweet potatos, especially during winter.They baked sweet potatoes in kind of stone ovens set up on small trucks. They smells quite nice.Unfortunately, I haven’t seen them much recently but still love Yakiimo. I also love set up a charcoal fire. Now we …

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