Cafes with a good view near Asakusa

Cafe W.E
Cafe W.E is located just beside Sumida River in Sumida Park. It is about 400 meters ahead from Asakusa underground station. There are two or three tables outside.
Tulley’s coffee, a chain cafe has opened next to Cafe W.E, as shown in the left picture.

Cafe Meursalt is a gorgeous cafe near Asakusa underground station(Exit 4). Cafe is located in the upper flower, while the cake shop is on the semi-basement. You can overlook Sumida river from there.

Cielo y Rio
Cielo y Rio is a restaurant that has a cafe area in Kuramae area. From the window tables in the restaurant and the cafe tables on the balcony, you can enjoy the view over Sumida river.

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