What to do in Tokyo – Bon Odori in Tsukiji

Bon festival dance

There was a Bon-Odori (Bon fetival dance) held in my town yesterday.  Many stalls appeared on the lane as usual.  People were having food, drinks and playing games. It is a fun even for me to stroll among the busy stalls in the summer evening. 
There is a famous saying in Japan, “The best time in summer is evening.”  Yes, it is certainly a bit cool in the evening, though it is still hot in Japan.

After seeing the local Bon Odori, I went to Tsukiji-honganji temple in Tsukiji to see another Bon Odori(Bon fetival dance) held there. Actually, I have never such a big Bon Odori through my life!!  Many portable tables and benches were set up there for the visitors and the temple was full of people.  It was no doubt an amazing Bon Odori night.  Oddly, the temple looked like an Indian one rather than a Japanese temple.  The image of Indian buddhists came into my mind.  The real image was a crowds dancing around the scafford instead.  Bon festival dance is now on full swing in Japan. So, please do not miss the chances to see and dance if you are visiting Japan!

Tsukiji Honganji temple
Tsuki honganji temple on Bon festival dance
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