Asakusa Nakamise market

I really like Asakusa Nakamise that leads to the Sensoji Temple gate.  It is fun to walk Nakamise and a good place to buy nice souvenirs for our friends.  We can eat Dorayaki cakes or even Taiwanese sweets at stalls there.   

Asakusa Nakamise

Before you try Dorayaki, let me explain anko, which is between Dorayaki cakes.  Steve, who was my Canadian English teacher, once told me that he hated anko(red bean paste)!  I clearly remember the moment he confessed it and his face was twisted.   Anko is one of popular ingredients of sweets in East Asia. But I am not sure if everyone likes anko.  In case that you are from Western countries,  you might not like anko. Consequently, you probably do not like Dorayaki.  Some Dorayaki uses different ingredients like Matcha-cream.  

Dorayaki shop

Asakusa as a sightseeing place

To tell the truth, I do not like crowded places and always try to avoid traffic congestion.  Unfortunately, on weekend and public holidays, Asakusa Sensoji area is very crowded and it is hard for visitors to walk around.  But if I were an overseas tourist,  I will stand such a hardship and go there at least one time.   As the vicinity around Asakusa Sensoji is definitely a sightseeing place, Tokyo inhabitantss may not go there very often. I’d rather go shopping in Asakusa, Kuramae, Asakusabashi than going to Sensoij shrine.

The north east area of Taito ward is very famous for its leather products.  Actually, Asakusa flourished due to its leather industry in past. There are big leather markets held in Winter and Spring near Minowa station.  If you go to Kuramae,  you can find some fancy leather goods shops. 

Anyway, Asakusa is like a space of extraordinariness, Hare(‘hare and ke‘ (sacred-profane dichotomy).  People are thrilled to go up there. 

Sensoji gate
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