Sushi molds

I went to Kappabashi to fetch some sushi molds.Kappabashi is a must place to visit if you look for Japanese cooking utensils. I bet that you can find anything there! You would be so surprised to see many pottery and restaurants-related goods other than Japanese cooking utensils. Every time I visit Kappabashi, I get veryContinue reading “Sushi molds”

Restaurants along Sumida river

Here, I have added two restaurants with a good view along the Sumida River near Asakusa. Unagi Maekawa Komagata- Unagi(Eel)This restaurant is very close to the A5 exit of Asakusa station. The speciality is grilled eel. This restaurant faces Sumida river. The views should be great. Please check the menu and price when you goContinue reading “Restaurants along Sumida river”