Takigi-noh on Sep 14th in Tokyo

Takigi-noh(Noh theater performed at night by a fire or light outside) will be performed on September 14th, 2019 as follows; The place: Hatomori-Hachiman jinja shrine in Sendagaya. Please check the website of the shrine for the access. Google map is hereTime schedule: September 14 (Saturday) from 18:30 For the details, please look at this page.Continue reading “Takigi-noh on Sep 14th in Tokyo”

Takigi-Noh theater

Last sunday I went to a city hall to see Takigi-Noh theater.  We usually call “Noh theater performed outside by fire” Takigi-Noh.  But due to a typhoon approaching Japan, the Takigi-Noh theater had to changed to be performed at the theater indoors without fire.  This was a shame.  Nevertheless, the performance of Noh theater was great!!  I now plan to see other Noh theater in near future.