Reservations for Festive walking tour/Sushi class

In case you will take part in our tour or a cooking class, we ask you to make a reservation using the form below. Even for free ‘Kitsune’ mask walking tours, please let me know on which day you will join. We need to know the number of participants for the preparation. Thanks for your understandings.
We will send you a E-mail to make sure the reservation and let you know the total amount.  After you check it, would you please pay for the fee with Paypal.

You can cancel the tour by the noon of the reserved day.   We will fully pay you back for the fee. 

For the sushi class, you can cancel two days before the class.  After then, we will not pay back for the fee.  This is due to the cost for the prepared food.  We would appreciate your kind understandings.

ペイパル|Mastercard,VISA,American Express,JCB

Please feel free to ask us if you have questions.
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