Fish cutlets(Aji cutlets)

Japanese Cooking-Fish cutlets(Aji cutlets -Horse mackerel cutlets)

Japanese dish, AJI-cutlets(fish cutlets) are Japanese people’s dish.  We eat them with rice and Miso soup for lunch often.  The procedure of cooking is the same as Wiener schnitzels.   As mackerel or sardine are low-priced and good for health,  they are very popular in Japan. Moreover, fry such as cutlets or croquettes is well-seen Japanese food.

I remember my trip to Portugal where I had charcoal-grilled sardine for lunch.  I have never seen the similar grilled fish since then in Europe.

Here is Scad culets recipe.


fish fillet(preferably scad(Aji)) 4


fine dry bread crumbs
egg 1, well beaten
oil(corn oil or olive oil)

■Have egg mixture ready in a shallow dish.

■Then place 2 fillets of scad. Coat them lightly with four then egg and finally with crumbs.

■Heat oil in a deep frying pan over medium heat. Put the coated fillet one by one in it. Keep the temperature between 180-190°centigrade).
When the bubbles around fillets get bigger, take them out of the pan into the cooking paper. Place them on a dish and eat with Worcester Source.

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