Parco in Shibuya

I went to newly-built Parco in Shibuya.
It was amazing!
The basic concept of the design was made by the UK’s design office Benoy.
Soichi Fujimoto designed the common space. Unfortunately, this time I did not have enough time to check the details, I have to visit Parco again.

Parco in Shibuya, Chaos kitchen

Streaming Parco, I have found Chaos Kitchen on the basement floor very amusing. The floor has a variety of restaurants such as Izakaya tavern, retro-cafe, Rahmen noodle restaurant and so on. Those restaurants serve, say, peoples’ food. In spite of conspicuous lighting panels, that floor looks cool.

Parco in Shibuya, Chaos kitchen

基本構想はイギリスのデザイン事務所Benoy。 建築家藤本壮一が共用空間を設計しているそうが、具体的にどこなのかははっきりしません。
特に地下1階のChaos Kitchenが私は好きです。庶民のお店がたくさんあります。

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