A snack(Omusubi)shop

Musubi-ya, a riceball shop is located near the foot of the hill. Musubi is short for Omusubi. You can eat fresh Omusubi just made at this shop. Onigiri is another Japanese word for rice ball.
Sooner you eat after Omusubi made, better its taste is. Eat-in Onigiri has an advantage in its taste.
Just for your reference, I put a recipe of Onigiri here.

Tenmusu(that is Omusubi with Tenpura)

Cooked rice 3.5 – to 5oz(100 -150g) mixed with 1/2 Tbsp sesami seeds.
Grilled salted salmon(flaked with chopsticks or a folk) 1 oz
-depending on the size of a rice ball
Salt about half to on TBS salt per one Onigiri
1/6 sheet of nori seaweed if available.

1)Put about 2/3 of the cooked rice in a small bowl and make a small dent at the center. Place flaked salmon in it. Cover with the remaining cooked rice. Hold and cover the bowl with your hand and shake it up and down. Form it into a ball roughly.

2)Wash and moisten your hands with water. Sprinkle salt on your palms. Place the ball and form into a triangular shape pressing it softly with your hands. Wrap it with nori seaweed.



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