A Tokyo walking tour in Shinjuku, Kagurazaka

The typhone, Hagibis, was gone and the next one is coming closer to Japan again.   It is almost the end of October and still we might need to prepare for the strong wind and rains.  The term “autumn” will be not used in near future, I guess. We will have only two seasons, winter andContinue reading “A Tokyo walking tour in Shinjuku, Kagurazaka”

Where to go in Tokyo

You might be pondering where to go in Tokyo. If you would like to go shopping and see the shiny places , I recommend you to go to Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza, On the contrary, if you want to go to quiet places, I would recommend Kagurazaka.There are no big fashion buildings in Kagurazaka. Narrow alleys,Continue reading “Where to go in Tokyo”

Chinese New Year Festival

It is about one hour to get to Yokohama by train. You can see the seacoast from Yamashitakoen, which is very close to China Town. If you are pondering where to go near Tokyo, Yokohama could be one of your choices. There were several events in Yokohama China Town between E/Jan to B/Feb. They alsoContinue reading “Chinese New Year Festival”

Parco in Shibuya

I went to newly-built Parco in Shibuya.It was amazing! The basic concept of the design was made by the UK’s design office Benoy.Soichi Fujimoto designed the common space. Unfortunately, this time I did not have enough time to check the details, I have to visit Parco again. Streaming Parco, I have found Chaos Kitchen onContinue reading “Parco in Shibuya”