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Artisan bread

No-knead bread

The government is calling out “Stay home!”, so I stay at home as much as possible. I haven’t gone shopping much in the last two months or so.
But it’s the bread that gets me to go shopping. I can’t stock a lot of bread at once, as it’s too bulky to freeze.
So, I decided to make some bread.
Unfortunately, bread is hard to make because of kneading work. Frankly speaking, I don’t like to make bread. I usually make pizza.
This time I decided to make a refrigerated fermented bread without kneading that a friend of mine had made before, so I searched for the recipe.
Here it is!
Artisan bread. This recipe seems to be made by a New York bakery.
As it was too much to eat for me, I arranged it.

The artisan bread I made

No need to knead! A hard bread that doesn’t lose its flavor even after a day. It’s very tasty and easy to make! I love this bread!

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